Date and time: 29 February 2020, Saturday 11:00 - shortened long distance
1 March 2020, Sunday 10:00 - long distance
Type of competition: 2 individual events with overall ranking
Venue: Area of Ágasegyháza - Fülöpháza
Organizer: Hegyisport Szentendre Egyesület and Kalocsai TSZSE
Terrain: Sand dunes with semi open areas
Maps: Map scale 1:7 500 and 1:10 000, contours 2 m
Punching: SPORTident, SI card rental 300 HUF/day. Own SIAC chips can be used in Air+ contactless mode (working range is about 50 cm).
Classes: M/W 10D; 12D, taped courses
M/W 12C; 14; 16; 15-18C; 18; 20; 21A,B,BR,C
M/W 35BR; 40; 50; 60; 70
M60BR; M80; W75
CP child with parent, taped course
OPEN beginner
Entries: Until 23 February, Sunday
On-line: ENTRY or
SMS: +36-20-944-3900
Required information: team name, e-mail address, competitor's name, year of birth, class,
SPORTident card number (if available).
Received entries will be confirmed within 2 days. In case of not receiving confirmation, please, send the registration again.
Entry fee: Both days 3800 HUF, one day 2200 HUF/day
M/W 10D; 12C,D; 14; 16; 15-18C; 70; M80; W75; CP; OPEN-MapRun: both days 2800 HUF,
one day 1600 HUF/day
OPEN beginner: 1200 HUF/day
Children with tapes: free
You can rent a SI card for 300 HUF/day.
You can rent a SIAC card in limited number for 500 HUF/day. Please, indicate your request in the entry subject.
After entry deadline: extra charge 500 HUF/day
At the scene of competition: extra charge 700 HUF/day
You can pay by cash at the registration.
Prizes: After the 2 races, the first three competitors of each class get certificate.
In the category OPEN-MapRun we will draw prices.
Accommodation: In gym with own equipment: 1000 HUF/person.
Other accommodation should be arranged individually.
Note: All competitors take part in the competition at their own risk!
Information: E-mail:
OPEN-MapRun: Last year it was popular the new OPEN-MapRun category, therefore we organise it again.
Length of the course is about 4 km both days, with many controls. Runners need to have a mobile, with installed MapRun application (available on Android and iPhone). A printed map is also provided; however, the current position is also shown by the application. It could help to follow the perfect route in labyrinth.
SI card is not required; the mobile will track the legs and time split details.
At the venue there will be a small test course to test the MapRun application on your mobile. Downloading and installing the application will be also supported.
In case of a rainy day when the mobiles are hardly to use in the terrain, the category would be changed into a conventional advanced open technical category, supported by a printed map and SI card.