Final details

Competition Center (CC),
Near to National Park Kiskunság, Education Center Naprózsa, between Fülöpháza - Ágasegyháza.
GPS: 46.864987, 19.425295
The CC (Finish on both days) can be reached as follows: on the main road 52 (Kecskemét-Solt), at km 20.35, there is an access road (beside the Forest School Naprózsa), which leads 400 m to the South.
Parking: Near to CC (100-200m) according to the instructions of the organizers. Clubs with big buses, please contact the organizers in advance, to clear the parking possibilities.
The parking lots before the Forest School Naprózsa are reserved for its guests.
Organizers: Hegyisport Szentendre Egyesület and Kalocsai TSZSE
Type of competition: 2 individual events with overall ranking
Terrain: Sand dunes with open, semi open areas and juniper bushes like a labyrinth. There are intensive forest works on the terrain, there could be new clearances and wood carrier paths after the map check.
Date: 29 February 2020, Saturday     1 March 2020, Sunday
Format: Shortened long (classic)
Long (classic)
Registration: 9:30 - 10:30 am 8:30 - 9:30 am
First start: 11:00 am 10:00 am
Distance of Start
from the CC:
800 m, marked by blue tapes 1600 m, marked by blue tapes
Price giving ceremony:   At the CC, at 1:30 pm
Refreshment: - At a control for classes: W21A; M18; M21A; M21B; M20; M40
Refreshment in the finish: In the finish we are offering drinking water, please use your own cup. This cup cannot be placed at the finish, you have to bring it with you to drink.
Merging of classes: M20 > M21B, W10D > MW10D, W12D > MW12D
Entries at the venue
for the vacant places:
Both days 5000 HUF, one day 2700 HUF
In classes M/W10D, 12D, 12C, 14, 15-18C; 16; 70; W75; M80; CP; OPEN-MapRun: both days 4000 HUF, one day 2000 HUF
OPEN beginners: 1200 HUF/day
Map scale and size: Contours: 2 m; Size A/4,
1:10000 for categories M/W 14, 16, 18, 20, 21A, 21B, 21BR, 21C, 40; M15-18C, M35BR
1:7500 for categories M/W 10D, 12D, 12C, 50, 60, 70; M60BR, M80, W15-18C, W35BR, W75, OPEN-B, OPEN-MapRun, CP
Map change: On Saturday, in the class M21A the runners get two maps in a plastic bag at the start
Control descriptions: On the map, and extra control descriptions are at the start available. On the 2. Day, for categories M50, M60, and OPEN-MapRun the control descriptions will be printed on the back side of the map.
Punching: SPORTident, own SIAC chips can be used in Air+ contactless mode (working range is about 50 cm).
SI card rental 300 HUF/day for normal, 500 HUF/day for SIAC, as deposit 10000 HUF (SIAC 20000 HUF) or an ID-card with photo needed.
OPEN-MapRun class: It is worth to download the test and competition courses at home. The courses will be active from 28.02 (Friday) at MapRun homepage under Hungary>Fulophaza>HUNFUL boroka2020. Before the race the competitors should apply at the Finish to perform the test course, which is to test the mobile and the app. You will be informed here about the following todos also. Free start times for the classes OPEN-MapRun between 0 and 45 minutes.
Prizes: After the 2 races, certificate and prize for the first three competitors of each class in the overall ranking
Catering: Both days at the CC
Gym accommodation: Gym hall of the school Ágasegyháza, Kossuth square 4. Open from 4:00 pm, you have to leave the gym about 9:00 am on Sunday. We don’t take any responsibility for things left in the gym. Please take care about tidiness and clearness. It is not allowed to enter with shoes.
Environment: Please try to travel together using less cars. Bring and use your own cups for refreshment.
Please take home your packaging materials and trashes, if possible.
  • Free start times for the classes OPEN-MapRun between 0 and 45 minutes
  • Free start times for the classes OPEN-B and CP between 0 and 90 minutes
  • Children races near the CC after First start time
  • Phone number of the finish: +36 30 636 1335
  • Everybody starts at the competition on his/her own risk!
We wish you a succesful competition!
The Organisers