Date: 6 April 2013, Saturday, 12.00 noon - middle distance
7 April 2013, Sunday, 10.00 a.m. - long distance
Event type: Two individual events with overall ranking
Organizer: Hegyisport Szentendre Egyesület
Patron: László Károly Bikádi, mayor of Sóly
Org. committee: Director: Tibor Erdélyi
Course planner: Tibor Erdélyi
Secretary: Tamás Jankó
Controller: György Tüskés
Venue: Sóly, Veszprém county
Terrain: Good runnable open terrain with slight climbs
Map: Surveyed in 2013 by Tibor Erdélyi, 1:10000
Classes: M/W 12C; 14B; 16B; 18B; 15-18C; 20A; 21A,B,BR(short),C
M/W 35A; 40B; 45B; 50B; 55B; 60B; 65B; 70B; M 75B; 80B
M/W 10D; 12D and CP(child with escort) with stripes
Open (beginners)
Classes with less than 5 participants will be merged.
Entry deadline: 27 March 2013, Wednesday
Entries: On-line: ENTRY
Received entries will be confirmed within 2 days. In case of not receiving confirmation, please, send the registration again. Please, don't forget SPORTident card number (if available) at the entry.
Entry fee: Until deadline:
Normal fee: 3600 HUF/2 days, 2000 HUF/day
Reduced fee: 2400 HUF/2 days, 1300 HUF/day: M/W 10D; 12D; 12C; 14B; 16B; 15-18C; CP; W60; M/W 65; 70; M75; M80
After deadline: extra charge 300 HUF/day
On the scene: extra charge 500 HUF/day for the vacant places
Open 1300 HUF/day (no extra charge for open class)
Children with stripes: free
SPORTident punching system will be used.
SI-card rental: 200 HUF/day
Prizes: After the two races, for the first three competitors of each class in the overall rankings
Accommodation: Gym with own equipment in the Event Centre (EC) on Saturday, 800 HUF
Note: Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.
EC and parking are in the village, so take special care for order and cleanness.
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