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Received entries:by class, by club
Closing date:21 August 2006, Monday (post)
23 August 2006, Wednesday ( e-mail, fax, SMS)

On-line registration

Team name:
E-mail address:
Number of competitors to be entered:

Registration by mail, e-mail, fax or SMS

Entries to: Gabriella Jenővári, Levél köz 5.,
H-2000 Szentendre, Hungary
Fax: +36 26 314 764
SMS: +36 30 30 477 11
Required information: team name, e-mail address, competitor's name, year of birth, class, SPORTident card number (if available).
Received entries will be confirmed within 2 days. In case of not receiving confirmation, please, send the registration again.
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