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Date and time: Hungarian Night Championship: 14 May 2011, Saturday 21:30
Szentendre Cup: 15 May 2011, Sunday 10:00
Type of competition: 2 individual events, night + middle
Organiser: Hegyisport Szentendre Egyesület
Venue: Ágasegyháza
Terrain: Sand hills, grassy and wooden
Maps: 2 new maps, 2011, 1:10 000
Organising committee: Director: Erdélyi Tibor
Course Planner: Erdélyi Tibor
Secretary: Jenővári Gabriella
Controller: Dénes Zoltán
Embargoed areas: From the publication of the invitation until the event any orienteering activity is allowed only with the permission of the Organisers in the area between Ágasegyháza and no. 52 main road
Classes: Night: Championship classes:
M/W 18E, 20E, 21E, 35A, 40A, 45A, 50A, 55A, 60A, 65A,
M 70A, 75A, 80A, 85A
Non-championship classes:
M/W 21BR (B short), Open
Szentendre Cup:
M/W 10C; 12C; 14B; 16B; 18B; 15-18C; 20A; 21A, B, BR, C
M/W 35A; 45A; 55A; 65A; 75A
M/W 10D, 12D: children with tapes
CP: children with parents with tapes
Open beginner
Entry deadline: until 29 April 2011, Friday
Entry: On-line: ENTRY
Required information: team name, e-mail address, competitor's name, year of birth, class,
SPORTident card number (if available).
Received entries will be confirmed within 2 days. In case of not receiving confirmation, please, send the registration again.
Entry fee: Night: Championship classes: 2 200 HUF
Non-championship classes: M/W 21BR 1 600 HUF, Open 1 000 HUF
Szentendre Cup: 1 600 HUF
M/W 10C; 12C; 10D; 12D; 14B; 16B; 15-18C; CP; M/W 65, 75: 1 000 HUF
After entry deadline: extra charge 300 HUF
At the scene of competition: extra charge 500 HUF
Open 1 000 HUF
Children with tapes: free
SPORTident punching system, SI card rent: 200 HUF/day
Prizes: Night: Championship classes: medal
Szentendre Cup: diploma
Accommodation: Ágasegyháza in gym with own equipment: 800 HUF/person/night
Alternative offer:
Korall Hostel, Kecskemét, Jász u. 32.
Phone: +36-30-953-2267, +36-30-440-2226
3/4-bed rooms, with fridge. Shower, toilet, kitchen, TV-room on the corridor: 2 300 HUF/person/night
2/3/4-bed guest rooms, with shower, toilet and fridge: 3 500 HUF/person/night
Note: Competitors take part on the event at their own risk!
Information: Homepage:
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