Final details

Competition Centre (CC):
The CC can be approached from the road between Izsák and Ágasegyháza. About 1.6 km from the edge of the village of Ágasegyháza, control flags indicate the detour. From here in the direction of Southeast you have to drive along a narrow driveway, in some places with dangerous potholes, for about 1800 m. The bus parking lot is located here. From here, on a good-quality, but narrow dirt road, 1500 m away is the parking lot for private cars.
At the junctions, signs indicate the direction of further travel. The journey time from the main road to the CC is at least 20 minutes. GPS: 46.810379, 19.453733
Parking: Near CC (50-200m), as directed by the organizers.
Parking for large buses is possible at the end of the driveway, 1500 m from CC.
Organizers: Hegyisport Szentendre Egyesület and Kalocsai TSZSE
Type of the competition: 2 individual races with overall ranking
Terrain: The terrain is very diverse, not only in topographical forms, but also in coverage. Compared to the conditions of the lowlands, the surface is cut with significant elevation differences of 10-20 m, varied sand dunes and depressions. Separately, the windswept sides of the sand dunes are still very steep, with an inclination of 35-40 degrees, where the drop-down sand makes it even more difficult to climb.
Date: 12 November 2022, Saturday     13 November 2022, Sunday
Format: Shortened long distance
Long distance
Registration time: 9:30 - 10:30 am 8:30 - 9:30 am
First start: 11:00 am 10:00 am
Distance of Start
from the CC:
400 m, marked by blue tapes 400 m, marked by blue tapes
Form of registration: There is no need to register on the spot, as long as the entry fee has been paid and there is no request for changes.
For new registrations, we can only accept entries for empty or returned places, with a surcharge. In order to speed up the registration, we kindly ask that only those with SI card rental, modification or new entry should come to the competition office. Anyone who just wants to pay can do it later. Only one person from a club should line up!
Payment: we recommend paying the entry fees by credit card in the E-entry. In the case of credit card payment, we can only issue an invoice to the card holder, even if several entries are paid from the card.
For entry fees that have not been paid in advance or on the spot, we will send an invoice to the club afterwards to the name and e-mail address indicated in the E-entry.
Entry fee from 8 Nov.
for vacant places:
HUF 6000 for both days, HUF 3200 for one day
M/W 10-12D; 12C; 14; 15-18C; 16; 70; 75; M80; CP; classes: HUF 4600 for both days, HUF 2500 for one day.
In case of on-site entry, we will charge a daily surcharge of HUF 200 for the above fees.
OpenA (Open advanced) HUF 2500 /day,
OpenB (Open Beginner), MapRun classes HUF 1500 /day
Map scale, size: The scale of the map is 1:10 000 and 1:7500, and it can be found in the table of course details by classes.
Map size is usually A/4, except for the 1. day in some classes, where it is A/5.
Control descriptions: On the map, and on loose control descriptions, available at the start
Punching: SPORTident, own SIAC chips can be used in Air+ contactless mode (working range is about 50 cm).
SI card rental is HUF 500 /day in general, for M/W10-14, CP classes is HUF 300 /day.
HUF 800 /day for SIAC (Please indicate a SIAC request in the E-entry).
Competitors without a club need a deposit of HUF 10 000 (SIAC: HUF 20 000) or an ID-card with photo.
MapRun classes: See the MapRun details
Refreshment in the finish: Self-service, exclusively in your own glass
Results: In CC on a traditional paper basis, as well as on the site
Prizes: Certificate based on the 2-day overall results, in the 21A classes the winners receive prizes
Prize giving ceremony: Sunday at the race center at 1:30 p.m.
Environmental protection: Please, take the packaging and garbage brought from home
Accommodation: Gym: in the school of Ágasegyháza, Kossuth tér 4.
  • Buffet in the competition centre
  • In MapRun classes, we do not issue a start time in advance, it must be requested at the finish
  • In the OpenB, OpenA and junior children's categories (CP) we do not issue a start time in advance, you have to ask for it at the start, from 0 to 90'
  • Children's competition in the competition centre after start time "0"
  • Phone number of the finish: +36 30 636 1335
  • The sale of orienteering and other sports equipment in the area of the finish, as well as all other commercial activities, is possible only after consultation with the organizers
  • The participants of the competition (runners, spectators, attendants) accept that pictures and video recordings can be taken of them, and these pictures and video recordings can be handed over to third parties (press, internet)
Insurance: Everybody starts at the competition on his/her own risk!
We recommend that you take out appropriate insurance.
We wish you a succesful competition!
The Organisers