Final details

Competition Center (CC),
parking, registration:
Bócsa, area behind the primary school, to approach leave the main road „54” at the "Flóra Vendéglő".
Bus parking is possible on both sides of the main road in front of the school.
See on the map, GPS: 46.616290, 19.473758 or 46°36'58.6"N 19°28'25.5"E
Organizers: Hegyisport Szentendre Egyesület and Kalocsai SE
Type of competition: 2 individual events with overall ranking
Date: 11 November 2017, Saturday     12 November 2017, Sunday
Distances: Shortened long (classic)
Long (classic)
Registration: 9:30 - 11:00 am 8:30 - 9:30 am
First start: 12:00 noon 10:00 am
Distance of Start
from the CC:
200 m marked with blue tapes 1700 m marked with blue tapes
Price giving ceremony:
At the Finish, at 1:30 pm
Map scales and size: Waterproof Pretex paper
A/4, 1:10 000:
M21A, M21C, M20, M18, M16
W21A, W21B, W20, W18, W16
A/4, 1:7 500: all others
Waterproof Pretex paper
A/4, 1:10 000: M21A, M21B, M21Br, M21C, M40, M20, M18, M16, M14, W21A, W21B, W21C, W20, W18, W16, W14
A/4, 1:7 500: all others
In M21A there will be a map exchange at refreshment control
Catering: Bócsator Flóra vendéglő (400 m), Pipagyújtó csárda (200 m)
Refreshment: - At a control for M21A, M21B, M20, M18, M40, W21A classes
Distance of Finish
from the CC:
0 m
Control descriptions: On the map, and loose control descriptions at the start avaiable
Terrain: Sand dunes with open, semi open areas and juniper bushes like a labyrinth
Punching: SPORTident. Own SIAC chips can be used in Air+ contactless mode (working range is about 50 cm).
SI card rental 300 HUF/day.
Prizes: After the 2 races, certificate for the first three competitors of each class in the overall ranking, prizes for the winners in M and W 21A classes
Gym accommodation: Gym hall of the school, open from 3:00 pm in Bócsa, you have to leave the gym about 1:00 pm on Sunday. We don’t take any responsibility for things left in the gym.
Please take care about tidiness and clearness. It is not allowed to entry with shoes.
Entries at the venue: Both days 4600 HUF, one day 2600 HUF
M/W10D, 12D, 12C, 14, 16; W60, 70; M70; CP: both days 3600 HUF, one day 2100 HUF
Open beginners: 1100 HUF/day
  • Free start times for the classes OPEN and CP between 0 and 100 minutes
  • Toilets are at the finish and in the school (150 m). In the school, there are dressing rooms for competitors. We don’t take any responsibility for things left in the dressing rooms.
  • Taped races for little children on both days take place in the CC after the first start
  • Phone number of the finish: +36 30 636 1335
  • On the 2nd day, the route to the start passes next to a small zoo, it’s worth to look around
  • Everybody start on the competition on their own risk!
We wish you a succesful competition!